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Request Item no. HE001

Electric Candle

15 avaliable

No-flame candle with flicker top. Takes AAA batteries.

Request Item no. HE002

Reserved Sign

1 avaliable

Wooden sign with hanging strap. Great for putting on tables at events.

Request Item no. HE003

Cake Platter

1 avaliable

Plastic cake platter with “I love you more than cake” written on top.

Request Item no. HE004

Table Center Piece

15 avaliable

This unique table center piece fits the electric candles inside making it a great display on any table.

Request Item no. HE005

MR & MRS Bottles

1 SET avaliable

Brown glass jugs, one with Mr. and the other with Mrs.

Request Item no. HE006

Drink Dispensers

1 SET of 2 avaliable

Clear drink dispenser. Holds 2.5 gallons of drink. Has a handle on the side.

Request Item no. HE007

Cake Display

1 SET avaliable

3-Tier Cake Stand. Easily display your main cake and smaller cakes with this stand set. Sturdy construction.

Request Item no. HE008

Cupcake Display

Set of 2 avaliable

2-Tier rectangular cupcake display stand. Built-in handle on top for easy transport.

Request Item no. HE009

Round Cupcake Display

2 avaliable

A stylish and functional way to display your delicious cupcakes at your upcoming event. Our 2-tier, round cupcake stand has an elegant design and sturdy construction.

Request Item no. HE010

Cardboard Food Tray

1 avaliable

Put candies or small snacks in this tray shaped like the letter P.

Request Item no. HE011

In Loving Memory Frame

1 avaliable

Display this sign with the photos of those loved ones not with us anymore.

Request Item no. HE012

My Heart Belongs To Your Signs

1 avaliable

A set of two square signs that reads My Heart Belongs to You Forever and Always.

Request Item no. HE013

Hashtag Sign

1 avaliable

Let guests know how to tag their photos so others can find them on social media with this Hashtag sign

Request Item no. HE014

Small Frame Metal Stand

1 avaliable

Display any small frame easily with this sturdy metal stand.

Request Item no. HE015

MR & MRS Flag

1 avaliable

Penant flag with Mr and Mrs letters.

Request Item no. HE016

Soulmates Sign

1 avaliable

3D Cutout letters written in cursive of the word Soulmates

Request Item no. HE017

Reserved Signs

2 avaliable

A set of two clear signs with wooden stands that say Reserved. Place on tables to let guests know which tables are reserved for special guests.

Request Item no. HE018

Cards & Gifts Sign

1 avaliable

Wooden sign that reads Cards & Gifts on a small stands. Lets guests know where to put the cards and gifts.

Request Item no. HE019

Lambs Ear Greenery

10 avaliable

Set of 10 pieces of Lambs Ear garland

Request Item no. HE020

Eucalyptus Greenery

10 avaliable

Set of 10 pieces of Eucalyptus greenery

Request Item no. HE021

Metal Mr & Mrs Display Rings

2 avaliable

Metal rings of Mr and Mrs with a bow on each.

Request Item no. HE022


Set of 20 avaliable

Set of 20 white chair sashes

Request Item no. HE023

Chalkboard Stand

1 avaliable

Large expanding chalkboard to display your message easily

Request Item no. HE024


Set of 24 avaliable

White electric Tealights

Request Item no. HE025

Wooden Sign

1 avaliable

Large wooden sign that reads No Longer Two But One

Request Item no. HE026


1 avaliable

Large sign with LOVE. The O is made up of flowers in the shape of a heart.

Request Item no. HE027

Small Love Sign

1 avaliable

Small display sign that reads Love Binds Us Together In Perfect Unity

Request Item no. HE028

Small Mr & Mrs Display Sign

1 avaliable

Small simple Mr & Mrs display sign. Can be used to display on a table for the bride and groom reservation.

Request Item no. HE029

Large Wooden Plank Sign

1 avaliable

Wooden plank sign that reads Ths is Our Happily Ever After

Request Item no. HE030

Large Pick a Seat Sign with Flowers

1 avaliable

Large sign with flower around the top half that reads Pick a Seat Not a Side, Youre Loved by Both the Groom and Bride.

Request Item no. HE031

Kids Table Only Sign

1 avaliable

Let the kids know they have a special spot for just them with this table reservation sign.

Request Item no. HE032

Gifts & Cards Sign

1 avaliable

Small black and white Gifts & Cards sign